Safety First

SKOUTT Surveys is committed to a Safety Management System that ensures minimal resource loss, and most important, employee health and safety. Our team believes the benefits of our system is not only for the health and welfare of its employees, but for the successful completion of the work.

This Safety Management System is designed to ensure zero incidents, no injuries, no environmental or property loss, and requires that all employees in the company take responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Also, this same system is consistently and effectively implemented, monitored and continuously improved. By striving to exceed HSE performance expectations of the industry and our clients, we can protect our valued employees and clients.

SKOUTT’s management accepts the role for leadership of the HSE program and for providing the necessary safeguards to ensure safe conditions.¬†Everyone home safely, always is our goal. We will achieve our goal through active, visible leadership and a real commitment at all levels throughout our organization. SKOUTT Surveys has long standing memberships and accreditations from the following leading organizations.